There are many pictures recording the fun and adventure our scouts have had over the years, if you have any pictures you would like to add to our archives please send them to along with a note explaining who, what, when and where. Photo size ideally is 800 x 600 but don't let that put you off sending in your pictures.

Troop Meetings, trips and campouts

We try and keep a pictorial record of the troop's activities, as a reminder of what happened and to help the scouts see how they are progressing. If you take any pictures please send them to Jery Stedinger.

Outdoor Cooking Feb 2020

Klondike 2020

Robert Treman Campout 2019

21st Challenge Trophy Camporee

Visit from Ithaca SWAT Team 2019

Barton 2019

Barton Service Project 2019

Ithaca Parade 2019

CyberChip Workshop 2019

Tuscarora Campout 2019

Klondike 2019

Court of Honor 2018

Rafting Trip 2018

Stedingers Receive Founder Award 2017

Court of Honors 2017

Barton 2017

Catapults 2017

Rafting 2017

Klondike Campout 2017

Barton 2016

Ithaca Parade 2016

Fingerlakes Trail Campout 2015-2016

Catapult Making 2015-2016

Philmont 2015

Ithaca Parade 2015

Limehollow Campout 2015

Overnight at Ryan's 2015

Winter Overnight 2014

Camporee 2014

Philmont Hikes 2014-2015

Barton 2014

Mall Show 2013

Barton 2013

Mall Show


David Tian Eagle Project

Barton 2012

Troop Campout

Philmont 2011

Barton 2011