Troop 2 Weekly News

November 9th, 2019
Great campout last week at Robert Treman State Park. An emphasis on cooking. The Kiwi Patrol had Ramen soup that was tremendous. Chip cooked to complete the cooking merit badge and had a wonderful Irish beef stew with apple crisp for desert. As a group we hiked up the gorge trail to see the falls, and then down the Finger Lakes Trail to the Y Group Campout Site where we set up when we arrived.

November 2nd, 2019
Had Service Project at Church in the morning. Clean up effort was a great success. Our thanks to all who helped out.

Troop 2 Newsletter

Jan.  27, 2020




Feb. 10  Monday - 7:30 Winter Court of Honor - families invited


Feb. 22 Sat SCOUT DAY AT GREEK PEAK for whole family

Let’s GO.



8 adults and 17 scouts from Troop 2 participated this weekend in the 

Taughannock District BSA winter Cook-a-ree camporee at Camp Barton.

10 slept over Friday and 8 Saturday night. (with 6 people both nights)

Not too cold, but it was very wet and rainy sometimes. Chateau Lodge was comfortable,

and being on the lake is magical. 


Four Webelos joined us - they were great. (Harold, Chris, Will, Ben)


Four Adults and Chip Andrulis ran two of the stations - Cooking First Aid + Food & Health.

We brought in a Cornell professional from their Food Safety program,

and a local doctor to run the two stations. 

No one was hurt or became sick, and we hope scouts are now more informed. 


This year the two patrols put wheels on their sleds - two per sled: 

Next to each other so as to form a “cart” rather than like a bicycle. 

Wheel design made the sled race particular interesting.  The Dragon Patrol with the Moo Sled

finished the race with one wheel still working - that gave them First Place at

the campout for SCOUT SPIRIT. The Kiwi Patrol had a perfect score earning all the credit for 

Cooking Merit badge possible.


Both patrols did a great job with the two big cooking contents.  

They showed great skill, team work, and especially creativity.

The Dragon Patrol discovered that fires in the rain can go out so dutch ovens do not heat up.

Had Pancakes on Sunday morning -- wonderful.

For his Cooking merit badge, Chip provided a great dinner and oatmeal-apple breakfast.

Gordon Holloway is a great pastry chief.